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31 Jul 2007

Cute BananaBrandy shows!

Damn! Look at this little hottie who just loves to be outside naked! She fits right in with the beautiful nature, in the wild. Wearing almost only what nature gave this hottie, she poses in the forest, showing off her creamy white skin. This brunette loves the camera, and Brandy takes it to the next level by pulling her pink g-string down around her perfect bum!

Now here’s a perfect close up image of Banana Brandy wearing her cute pink g-string bikini bottoms, and her bikini tie top around her neck. Brandy, isn’t that supposed to be covering your pretty, creamy, perky tits? Ah, hell no! If I were you, I would not cover them up either! Those puffy nipples are so suckable! If you want to see more of Brandy, and her friends, hanging out in the nature forest, click here!

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Tuesday 31 July 2007 à 2:23.
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